Reasons Why You’re Water Bill Is So High

Have You Spring A Leak??
Many people are struggling to pay their bills. The bills go up without our pay increasing. When the water bill is higher then expected, we may start to wonder what the reason could be.

The first thing to do is check the inside of the home for leaks. Start with the toilets and then check underneath the sinks. If the bathroom floor is just a little bit damp around the toilet then this could be the whole problem. Make sure the faucets aren’t leaking around the top or the pipes underneath the sink. These problems can usually be fixed without much effort. If needed, then a plumber can get the job done quickly.

Next, check the water line for leaks. First, shut off the main water valve. Wait a few minutes and check to see if the meter is still turning. If so, then there is a leak somewhere between the meter and the home. Look for wet areas in your yard and under the house. If you see water standing or a damp ground than that is likely where the leak is it. You will have to dig up the ground to get to the pipe. Usually once you do this then you will see the water coming out of the pipe. There is probably a hole in the pipe or the pipe has came apart. A new pipe can solve this problem. Even the smallest leak can waste a gallons of water.

Another reason for a high water bill could be a simple use of more water. A swimming pool, for example, can cause thousands of gallons of water to be used. Also, have you been watering plants or a garden? This could be the reason for a high bill. Check with everyone in the home to make sure they cut off all faucets after each use. A tiny drip of water from a faucet can cause more water to be used.

Unfortunately, any leak from the meter to the home is your problem to fix.
Most can be fixed for a little amount of money but can sure be a hassle to deal with. If you have looked everywhere and still can’t find a leak then you need to contact the water company. It could be a broken leak under the road or the water meter may have went bad. This would be there problem to fix and not yours. Some water companies will work with you if you find you have a leak. Most will give you credit on your bill while you fix the problem. Some will also send a letter when they notice a big change in the amount of gallons being used. Talk with them to help handle your current water bill situation. Most will be more than happy to help.

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