How to Clean Up Following a COVID-19 Workplace Contamination

More than 100,000 people around the world have died from coronavirus. The virus lingers around on various surfaces including elevator buttons, door knobs, and handrails. People can’t see these viruses and they get ill after touching them. If your workplace has someone who get hit with covid 191. Seal Off the Exposed Area
The person must have already vacated the space prior to cleaning. After that, you can seal off the area to let people know that the area is in the schedule for corona cleaning. Consider hiring a professional decontamination contractor. It is recommended not to immediately start cleaning but wait for at least 3 – 24 hours for the risks of exposure to minimize. In addition, you should open the doors and windows to allow air to enter.

2. Preparation of the Detergent Solutions
The detergent solutions are to be prepared in a dry clean container using tap water and the proper dilution mixture. It is important that the detergent you use is not expired yet otherwise it will not be effective against the coronavirus. You can check out the list of disinfectants that are EPA approved at the EPA site. Some of the EPA registered disinfectants are Conflikt, and CaviCide. You can also use premix ready to use disinfectant solutions including EZ-KILL Disinfectant Wipes.

3. Prior to Cleaning
Before entering the exposed area to perform cleaning, the cleaning crew must wear the proper protective gear. Some of the protective gear include disposable face shield, gloves, gowns, and surgical mask. The disposable protective gear should be discarded as bioharzadous waste after cleaning. The cleaning crew is to wash hands immediately after cleaning. Any dirt on the surface should be cleaned before disinfection take place.

4. Disinfecting the Surface
The easiest way to disinfect the surfaces is to wipe the surface with a rag cloth that is soaked with alcohol solutions or diluted household bleach. All surfaces should be disinfected including low and high touch areas. Grimy areas must first be cleaned with soap and water. Before you proceed to wipe the surface, you must make sure there is no dust on it. The disinfectant should stay on the surface for the kill time. For example, if the disinfectant you use has a four-minute kill time, you should let it stay on the surface for 4 minutes before wiping it off.

5. Using Electrostatic Cleaning Devices
Some employers have also used electrostatic cleaning devices to disinfect the entire room. Electrostatic cleaning involve using gun like devices to spray a mist of disinfecting chemical to kill the coronavirus. Electrostatic cleaning devices have been seen in many cleanup photos. The devices were made in China but now available for purchase through other local companies.