Growing Your Business Into 2015 Tips For Small Business Owners

If you are a marketer or new to marketing and have struggled in 2014 to make your sales target goals you are not alone. Thousands try online marketing every year and fail. Many marketers fail to read up on tips to increase their revenue or have failed in their SEO, or lack content on their website to draw in quality traffic. I am going to share some advice that if followed will increase your overall return on investment.

Lost sales:
Some customers for whatever reason will start the sales process but somewhere along the process online they stop. They wanted to buy your product but during the transaction, right before payment they opted out. You can always set up a reminder or an incomplete report with a link to the payment page. You would be surprised how much this one little thing can do to increase your bottom line.

To broad:
Narrow down your target audience. Having sales pitches that are aimed at everyone will not help your conversion rate. You need to ask yourself who your target audience is. If they are into a hobby and you sell things related to that hobby play up to that crowd, if you provide a solution to a problem a potential customer is having write your content and SEO it on exactly how someone searching for an answer to that problem would then answer that question or questions with why your product or service will solve their problem.

A call to action:
Many marketers make great sales pitches right up to when it comes time to close the deal and get their viewer to convert into a sale. This is a failure in sales copy most often. Sales happen every day for psychological reasons and the best marketers in the world are keenly aware of this fact. Ever go shopping in a supermarket that has an eatery inside and see and smell some great food being made? or pass by a restaurant and stop in due to the smells coming out? Both are playing to our basic nature, tempting up with smells of great food. For your online marketing focus on actions words and actions terms. Terms such as “Start now”, “Talk to an expert” and “Order now and receive a free gift” act act are all calls to action that pull on viewers minds and wallets. As a marketer you need to use powerful calls to action.

Fear Vs Help
While a call to action is great you do not want to rely on fear such as stating “all other methods fail” or “People who have tried our competitors regretted it and wasted their money”. Instead show and tell them how your product will help them. Show them that you truly care about helping them with whatever it is that your product does. Also be available, do not remain behind just an email, if you cannot personally consider hiring a 3rd party customer service chat or use Facebook. Facebook actually is a must. Build trust and authority and sales will funnel in.

Build your list:
Did you know that most people who visit your website will never come back? By building a list and offering something for viewers to opt into it you can still reach lost traffic with targeted offers.