Avoid Home Fires With These Safety Tips For Your Christmas Tree Decorations

Safety with Christmas Trees, Light and Decorations
Celebrating Christmas – and Safety
Christmas is a time when many families decorate their homes from top to bottom. Lights, garlands, fake snow, stuffed animals, and a Christmas tree are only a few options for decoration possibilities, but each of them comes with a few safety concerns. As the holidays are supposed to be a happy time, following a few steps to ensure the safety of the home is well worth a little extra time.


Christmas lights can be hung indoors and outside, and used to highlight just about anything imaginable. From the borders of a roof to the branches of a tree, Christmas lighting not only looks festive and fun, but it is relatively simple to decorate with lights. Like all electrical items, these lights should be carefully inspected each time they are used, as well as periodically throughout the season. Check for frayed wires, burned out bulbs, blown fuses, and make sure to read the suggested use guidelines. Although only one more strand may be necessary to complete the decorating, overloading one outlet can cause fire, creating an even bigger problem. Also, using lights only where recommended is key – outdoor lights and fixtures are specially designed to withstand the elements.

Other Decorations

Paying attention to what is being used as decorations is key to Christmas safety. Watching for flammability, toxic ingredients or plants, and small pieces is a good way to make sure that a decorative display is as safe as it can be.

For homes with children and small pets, using items like Poinsettias, scenes that have small or sharp pieces should be avoided – or done very carefully. Utilizing high places like shelves, counter tops and even placing things outdoors may prevent many accidents from occurring. Though these decorations are popular choices for this time of the year, there are alternatives to the “real” things, such as fake flowers, scenes with minimal piece counts, and items that can be secured to one place, not moved around easily.

Christmas Trees

Often the centerpieces of any Christmas display, Christmas trees can be dangerous if not properly tended to. Ensuring that a live tree has plenty of fresh water will help keep it from drying out and becoming a fire hazard. Fake trees and the materials that they are made of are often flame resistant, but they need to be monitored as well. The lights on the tree should be checked for safety, as well as turned off when leaving the home or going to sleep, which may also help prevent fires.

Sometimes overlooked, the ornaments and tinsel on trees should be carefully considered before decorating. Glass ornaments can shatter if they fall from the trees, potentially causing injuries to people and pets, and even the hooks that are used can be dangerous if used incorrectly or dropped into carpet. Making sure that the tree itself is stable can prevent an accidental topple, which could tear cords, break glass, or even injure someone in the vicinity of the tree itself.

Don Marks works for Jarvis Property Restoration, a leading fire damage restoration firm that often helps property owners repair and restore their homes following unexpected home fires. Practicing safety in the home can ensure that the Christmas holiday season passes by smoothly, leaving cherished memories for the future – and a good impression on those involved.